Official Trailer

This official trailer is a combination of people who have had an impact on my life and whom I have selected for the casting for a specific reason as I have always believed:  Nothing is a coincidence; all is connected.

Adele is an aspiring actress, born in Montevarchi and daughter to Sara and Gregorio Pagliucoli. Gregorio was my classmate and after graduation, we took a  different path. Sixteen  years later, during the hardship I was experiencing in my life, I connected with him again , after which, we kept constantly in touch and he supported  me and he taught me how to get back on my feet again After 8 months of our bonding , unfortunately, Gregorio left this life but his energy survives in my everyday life. His wife Sara is a person that is full of energy, unstoppable, and unforgettable and I consider her to be a woman from whom everyone can learn something.  She is an important presence in my life together with her daughter Adele and their second-born Geremia. Adele has an innate quality for acting despite her very young age and I am proud that she is the one impersonating me in this trailer. I can't wait to see what more she will accomplish in the future. Part of the proceeds from my book will go towards her drama school therefore, my story which can be the story of so many of us


Iryna was born in a small town Zalichyky,  in Ukraine. Three years ago she left everything behind with nothing, separating from her beloved mother Liliya; a woman devoted to her family, who always worked her fingers to the bone to give a better future to her children.Ahead of her lay an unknown fate, no certitudes but the ambition to create a new lifestyle from the one she had witnessed. Her desire for a fresh start provided her with the strength to reach New York. Even if it was a foreign country it was not for her heart.

"A month before receiving your text message, I was sitting in my car at the beach pondering what the future had in store and how wonderful it would be if I were able to make part of a story, a narrative that could be of inspiration to others. Difficulties, and sacrifices that I could overcome mostly in my country, and at that point, I cried and wondered. A month later, surprisingly, I received your message and your proposal to be part of this project which warmed my heart, and questioned myself how strangely the universe works. My mum is so happy and extremely proud of me. I hope this book will also be available in my language. People in Ukraine love reading books and this is a story like so many others."
~by Iryna

I recall that the first time I saw her photo by chance, it was a matter of seconds to decide that she would be the one representing me as an adult.   I know she will achieve great things in life due to her inner beauty that can overcome anything.



My story with Luis goes back years. He is one of the most talented photographers I've ever worked with and one whom I can call a friend. The photo on the book cover was shot by him and he gifted it to me heartily. The day of the shooting was an important event because for over two years I was sick, stricken by Grave’s disease that had transformed my appearance and above all had badly injured my face and my eyes. Photos have always been my passion but it was long gone. On that day, he placed me back in front of the camera, and for the first time, someone captured the true beauty that lies in the eye of the beholder, within the soul.



Ugo’s passion for music began with archives dating back to 1983. The song for the video was put together one afternoon in Figline Valdarno at his home. The people present were me, his wife Tiziana, and my dad. In less than two hours he compiled the words with and without our consent and from then onward the lyrics were created on a piece of paper and the music truck he started strumming on his keyboard. Four days later I produced the song and the outcome was for us exceptional which you can listen to with the hope that it will transfer to you what it transmitted to us. Ugo is my godfather and he is also a great songwriter. Singer Claire Virginia

Carlos tamanini

He was born in Buenos Aires, 26 June 1964.Cinematographer and director full of sensitivity, he captures life through his camera unraveling things that others do not see. For each project he sets hands-on he diffuses an emotional feeling as in a movie.


MASSIMO d'alessandro

Filmmaker documentaries , director who has produced innumerable documentaries, many of which were done in the underwater world.  He has been my mentor during my years in New York.  He coached me in everything from filming to relative content. Hours and hours spent on the phone and thanks to him I was able to become the mini producer I am today and discover new talents.

Mark lewandoski

Marketing director and dear friend with whom I create every marketing strategy. Great counselor and confidant, and the most resourceful individual I have ever encountered who is always able to see outside any box.

christine holh

She has always been my makeup artist from time immemorial and she could not but participate.  Her work and skill are indisputable.


Ricardo de la Puente

Web designer and friend with whom I create all my web sites. Great counselor and human with a good heart.  You can count on him for timeliness, quality and that it will be a long term relationship.