About Sara

Many wonder what this story is all about and the truth is that she is still at it. Born in Florence, at a very early age she desired to create a life for herself without any limitations. She completed all of her studies in her hometown of Figline Valdarno and attended the faculty of Law in Florence for a few years.

During that period as she started growing, she realized she might not be able to build a future different from the one assigned at birth with the limitations that if your family is of humble origins, the growth potential possibilities of growth in a country as extraordinary as Italy were less than possible. She decides to take an inconceivable step. She packed a suitcase together with her dreams, armed herself with courage, picked a ticket gifted to her by a dear friend, Andrea Massetti, and with only $500 in her pocket and without uttering a single word in English, she traveled to a world unknown to her: America, New York. Deep down, she felt sadness and fear for what lay ahead of her. By now the life she knew in the past was closed and the present was ahead of her. She didn't yet know that she would work her way whatever the future had in store and pursuing her dream she would live many lives.

Her story is an ordinary one, a story for those who know that there are no limits when wanting to fulfill one's expectations, and the only limit encountered is ourselves. Those born into an average working family, know their background is no limit but an inspiration to proceed further on and to achieve what one believes in.

During her journey and through all the lives she has lived, she has acquired knowledge that no book or school teaches, New York City is the greatest school in the world.

Her goal in the first book she has written is that if her story can inspire even just one person she has achieved her purpose.